Nail KD10

لتكتمل لنوثتك يجب التركيز على
مركزها حيث تبدأ الانوثة من يديك ومن ملمسها
Massage KD10

تسعون دقيقة بأيدي أمهر الخبيرات كفيلة
للتخلص من الارهاق والتعب المتراكم الاسبوعي
Gold KD18

دعينا نتوج بتاج انوثة ونعومة كيلوباترا وكوني
كيلوباترا هيربل سبا بخبرتنا و بمنتجاتنا الفريدة
Services List


 See salt Foot Scrub
Rejuvenates and nousihes skin to activate calls and safeguard against black pigment while speeding up metabolism and decomposition of pigment calls to
 Products List
Cozma Face Mask
Natrula Mud Body Mask
Cozma See Salt Foot Scrub
Sakura Sleming Body Mask

Plant Mask Powder

Provides the skin with an optimum
of moistuer improving the wrinkle
profile caliming and smooth irratation

Services Overview

Face Mask
Rejuvenates skin to activate
calls ansafguard against black
pigment while speeding up metaboism

Eyes Care Soft Mask
as this produact is compesd of extracts from multiple fruits, essences of extract from multple fruts, assence of natrual vegteable smoisture-keeping elements and egg whith powder, Vitamin C,A,E, B5 and microelments needed by skin

Sakura Face Mask
Activate calls and decomposition
 of pigment calls to promote calls
regeration replenishes skin with
moisture and essential nutrients to
 active calls whilse mantining natrual
moisture in keratin imroving darkish and
shine less skin damages by block of moisture.